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everyday_convo's Journal

who says that?
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I have this uncanny ability to say that most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times at the most inappropriate places. Most times I tend to say them with a straight face, although I have evidently caused all my friends to laugh uncontrollably.

My middle name is Banter.

If that is you or if you have a friend like me, share those witty (or not so witty) moments here! Share the silly and the absurd. Share those blonde moments and the brunette ones too. Protect the innocent (or the not so innocent), or don't.

I can't promise you that I won't point and laugh, but I can promise that I'll run if you decide to beat me up for doing so.

Yes, another community from the creative mind of the genius that brought you 100_words and 2_lines. Are you sick of me yet? Tell me to get a life, for the love of chocolates!

You've seen me try to get creative with just 100 words and you've seen me try my hand at brevity with 2 lines. My only fear now is that you’ll discover that I’m really not a genius and come to conclude that out of the the six billion people in this world, I’m the silliest creative genius dork in the world. I can't guarantee much, but I can guarantee that your life will be much happier just by being a part of this community though. I dare you not to laugh or smile. DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!